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Welcome to Butt Furr, home of the The Most Comfortable Shorts on Earth! 

The Ultimate Loungewear!  

Our products are made from a luxurious fabric called Microfurr®.  It’s super soft and feels great, but is also really durable!  Our signature product, the Butt Furr shorts are unlike any other garment in the World and are made for one purpose, relaxing in comfort.  When you need something cozy to slip on, nothing beats Butt Furr! At the end of a long workday, on a lazy weekend morning, after a bath or shower, or simply hanging out watching your favorite TV show; it’s Butt Furr time.  Unlike pajamas or bulky sweat pants, Butt Furr shorts are casual enough to be worn anywhere and are great for all kinds of activities.  We have a dedicated following of very cool people who wear Butt Furr to sporting events, tailgate parties, races, concerts, the beach or the backyard barbecue. They also make a fantastic gift item that guarantees smiles for anyone who opens a

Butt Furr package.  We're sure they will become a favorite item in your wardrobe too.

Ahh, Butt Furr! TheUltimate Lounge Wear
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